Proposed Changes to BOE Member Districts

BOE approves changes to BOE Member Districts
The Wichita Board of Education approved changes in BOE member districts during its September 24 meeting after asking for public comment. The BOE member districts needed to be updated to provide adequate representation due to population shifts in the community. The redistricting is for voter representation; it does not have any impact on school attendance boundaries. Changes in population require adjustments in Board member district boundaries to reflect 2010 Census data. The Board approved a plan that impacts the fewest number of citizens. Click here to see the plan.

The plan moves few precincts in order to bring member district populations closer to the new target population, 54,416. The plan impacts two schools, Clark Elementary and Gateway Alternative School. It moves 11 precincts, which impacts 15,849 citizens, and split precinct 601 is joined together in BOE district 6. Click here to see the overview of current BOE district demographics and how they would adjust under the plan.

+ Diane Gjerstad, Executive Director, Government Relations
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